IgE Diagnostic Assay

This test is designed for the measurement of Ocular Immunoglobulin E (IgE), a key biomarker primarily associated with non-specific, allergic conjunctivitis which often mimics Dry Eye Disease.

IgE – What is it?

IgE (Immunoglobulin E) is an antibody that binds to allergens and triggers the degranulation of mast cells that cause inflammation.

Benefits of Testing IgE Levels in the Tear Film:


The presence of IgE may indicate the diagnosis of non-specific allergic conjunctivitis


Levels of IgE increase with the severity of the allergic response


IgE testing can help differentiate allergic conjunctivitis from dry eye syndrome


Active allergic conjunctivitis is a contraindication for LASIK and other surgical procedures , often patients with elevated IgE show no signs or symptoms of active allergic conjunctivitis making the IgE test more important.


Changes in IgE levels may show the efficacy of the prescribed treatment

How It Works:


Step 1

Using the Patent-Pending Tear Capture Device, Collect sample from canthus of eye


Step 2

Mix tear sample in with provided diluent vial


Step 3

Place the cassette into reader tray, then transfer entire sample into top port


Step 4

Within 8 minutes, the results will be ready to read and record to patient's chart.

Results Interpretation 

The AXIM Eye reader produces a quantitative test result. Interpretation and application of AXIM’s Tear Diagnostic Tests serve as a reference guide to assess the patient’s test results for Lactoferrin and IgE assays and indicate some possible causes and risks associated with the patient’s tear chemistry. 

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