Our Tests

Only AXIM Eye has Point-of-Care tests that assist the physician in making the correct differential diagnosis as well as determine the efficacy of treatment.

Test Supplies


This test is designed for the measurement of Ocular Immunoglobulin E (IgE), a key biomarker primarily associated with non-specific, allergic conjunctivitis which often mimics Dry Eye Disease.


This is a rapid Point-of-Care (8-minute) lateral flow diagnostic assay paired with a reader that tests for exact levels of Lactoferrin through the collection of 0.5 microliter of tears.

Testing Equipment

AXIM Eye Test Reader

The AXIM Eye system incorporates a Point of Care Quantitative colorimetric Lateral Flow Reader that ensures precise interpretation of results. The reader uses Flash Eye technology, which enhances the color of colorimetric lateral flow tests providing a combination of excellence in image acquisition and processing delivering an outstanding dynamic range for the quantitative assay. All current and future AXIM tests utilize the same reader.