How It Works

How Does the Testing Process Work?

View our step-by-step process below or the downloadable PDF to see how our testing process works.


Step 1

Collect sample from lacrimal lake of lower lid margin of first eye being tested using provided micro-pipette, keeping the hole of the collection bulb unobstructed. Tear is drawn into micro pipette by capillary action.


Step 2

Open diluent vial using edge flap on the cap.


Step 3

Place micro-pipette into the vial making sure the tip is submerged in the diluent. Cover hole on top of the collection bulb with you index finger and squeeze until bubbling occurs.


Step 4

Cap the vial and mix the sample by gently inverting the vial 2-3 times.


Step 5

Open the cap and collect the sample with the provided transfer pipette until fluid is seen in the pipette ballast bubble.


Step 6

Place the cassette into holder tray of the instrument - then transfer entire sample into the appropriate well that indicates which eye is being tested.



Step 7

Enter patient information and press Timed Scan button.


Step 8

Within 8 minutes, the results will be ready to read and record to patient's chart.

Download Instructions

View our step-by-step process below as well as a downloadable PDF on how our testing process works.